Flex System Blades

Flex System Blades

Lenovo’s Flex System is a highly efficient, 2nd generation blade, that increases business productivity by up to 80% more than standard rack server deployments. As used in many word-wide organizations, it is proven that it is the best-in-class system that achieves maximum productivity with minimum cost. In addition, its management features allow IT staff to spot any issues or problems at a glance. 

Compute Nodes

High-performance 2-socket and 4-socket blade servers that offer enhanced security, efficiency, and reliability features to handle business-critical workloads. 


Accommodates any combination of computing, storage, networking, and management nodes. 


High-performance networking options simplify connectivity and support your bandwidth and latency requirements. 

Expansion Nodes

Offers dedicated attachments for select standard PCIe adapters and dedicated storage capacity for network-attached storage workloads.