Mission-Critical Servers

Mission-Critical Servers

More critical issues to handle means more reliable servers are neededLenovo Mission-Critical Servers are designed to save businesses from any failure operations while keeping high performance. 

ThinkSystem SR950

The unique, modular 4U/8P ThinkSystem SR950 is a resilient, scalable system with large memory and storage capacity that runs the most crucial workloads and demanding applications. 

ThinkSystem SR860 V2

The 4U/4P ThinkSystem SR860 V2 is designed for exceptional price/performance with the storage, GPU, and memory capacity to grow the client’s business. 

ThinkSystem SR850 V2

The 2U/4P SR850 V2 is designed for high-growth workloads; in-memory computing, databases, and virtualization, with large memory and storage capacities. 

ThinkSystem SR850P

ThinkSystem SR850P is a dense, fast, highly reliable four-processor system engineered for maximum performance for high-growth, memory-intensive workloads.