Service Support from dynamic technology

Support Services

Dynamic Technology is here to offer custom-made support and services that specifically address the client’s needs. 


  1. Customized response times
  2. Technology monitoring and maintenance
  3. Grading the client’s current environment


  1. Premier Support

Leverage direct access to our expert technicians and distraction-free environment where the client can only focus on his business 

  1. Preconfigured Support

Choose the level of support from our Data Center Solutions configurator

– Foundation Level                – Essential Level                    – Advanced Level

  1. Managed Services

Remote monitoring and data center management to guarantee stability and minimize downtime 

Lenovo Managed Services

Lenovo Managed Services for HPC Clusters

Lenovo Managed Services for SAP HANA

Lenovo Managed Services for ThinkAgile HX

Add-On Services

  1. Technical account management
  2. Health check services
  1. Enterprise server software support
  2. Asset recovery