Client Virtualization and Infrastructure

Client Virtualization

In the light of today’s events, portability is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Leverage the solution of Client Virtualization for a simpler to manage and less costly working environment.  Client virtualization is a virtual environment in the client user’s device. Each device can host a number of virtual environments that have discrete operating systems and groups of different applications. 


  • Increased IT agility and faster provisioning of apps. 
  • Flexibility and efficiency. 
  • Increased performance and automated operations. 
  • Secured data and protect intellectual property. 

Dynamic Technology can distinguish the journey with Client Virtualization by introducing customized solutions that fit the needs and a collection of different infrastructure products: 

  • ThinkAgile HX if the client is interested in cost-effective products and a simplified IT structure. 
  • ThinkAgile VX if the client is interested in scaling performance as your VDI grows. 
  • ThinkSystem SR650 if the client is interested in speed and expansion. 
  • Scale Computing HC3 if it’s a small or medium business and interested in working from home.