Collecting data is one thing and organizing data is a whole other thing. And the more business expands, the more practical solutions are needed. Hence, Database Solutions. The database will store the information in a well-organized manner for easier access, smoother updates, and better management. 

Dynamic Technology knows that it’s’ no longer just about collecting data, it’s about extracting value from it. This is why we present our enhanced ideal tools for Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and IBM applications. 

Let your customer choose whatever suits him from the following product solutions: 

  1. Microsoft SQL Server where software and technology are rightly balanced.
  2. SAP HANA where better insights are generated in a timely manner.
  3. Oracle Database where he can enjoy reliability and cost-effectiveness altogether. 
  4. IBM Db2 where database and analytics are combined together for specific purposes.

The guesswork can be easily deployed when adopting Intel® Select Solutions by tailoring our recommended configurations and the help of our experts to better suit the changeable workload. 

Plus, the next complementary products powered by Intel® Xeon®: 

  1. ThinkSystem SR630 Rack Server to help you manage all kinds of workload.
  2. ThinkSystem SR650 Rack Server to combine flexibility and reliability together.
  3. ThinkSystem SR850 to keep up with your workload expansions.
  4. Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950 to enjoy scalability with large memory and storage capacity.
  5. ThinkAgile HX Series to enjoy all high-performing platforms.